DealBook reports that Coinbase, a startup that aims to help bitcoin and other virtual currencies gain acceptance, raised $25 million in financing.

DealBook reports that “A steady stream of Silicon Valley investors has been building stakes in virtual currency start-ups. Last month, a Chinese Bitcoin exchange raised $5 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners. Google’s venture capital arm has put money into a couple of companies in the space, Buttercoin and Ripple Labs. Coinbase has also attracted money from Union Square Ventures and Ribbit Capital.

Bitcoin, created by anonymous programmers in 2009, is a digital currency produced by a network of users competing against one another to solve computer problems, a method known as “mining.” The open-source program that created it determined that only 21 million coins would ever be created, leading to a speculative boom that pushed the price of one Bitcoin to more than $1,000 recently from around $200 at the start of November.

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