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Why Do You Need a Private Placement Securities Lawyer?

To Assess Your Risk

Private placement offerings are a type of private, non-public offering in which a company sells a limited number of its equity (usually in the form of stock or preferred shares) to a select group of private investors.

Basically, private placement offerings have a similar effect as a mini-initial public offering, because it spreads the stock of the company to many individuals, but the company stays private. A private placement offering is different from an initial public offering because only certain parties are invited to invest, as opposed to the general public.

Private placement offerings have several advantages

First, private placement offerings are often issued as a means of securing capital quickly for the issuing company. Select investors — such as accredited investors, large banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds — are invited to purchase shares at a certain price prior to any public offerings for a limited period of time. Once that date passes, the investors lose out on their chance to take advantage of the private placement offering which might shut them out until after the company goes public through an initial public offering.

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