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Our services for startups and entrepreneurs focused on your business goals and success. As an entrepreneur, few things are more exciting than translating your dreams into reality. However, seeing your business success requires more than just a great vision, it requires careful preparation and thoughtful execution.

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Helping Startups Grow from Seed to Enterprise

At Corporate Securities Legal LLP, a business law boutique with offices in Orange County, CA, and New York City, we recognize the importance of laying a strong foundation for success from the outset.

We share in our clients’ passion for innovation. Our greatest reward is the personal satisfaction of helping a business grow from the seed of an idea into a flourishing enterprise.

Business startups count on us for sound legal advice on all aspects of spearheading a new business formation, including the following.

Choosing The Right Business Entity

This crucial step will affect many aspects of your business’s operation, financing, and governance. Choosing the right entity — whether an S or C corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or proprietorship — involves complex considerations. How do you want equity interests to be allocated between the founders, investors, and employees? Which makes the most sense from a tax perspective? Which will place your business in the best position for future growth and success?

We will explain the pros and cons of these choices to help you make an informed decision.

Preparing The Legal Documents

The strategic decisions you make in forming a business will amount to little if they are not properly documented. Our attorneys prepare, draft, and review all the necessary legal documents, which may include:

  • Articles of incorporation, organization, or formation
  • Bylaws
  • Operating agreements
  • Organizational resolutions
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Proprietary and intellectual property agreement
  • Employment contracts

Financing The Enterprise

Financing is a pivotal aspect of starting a business. To establish a strong financial footing, you need to first determine and implement the right strategy for raising capital.

Our lawyers will apply legal, business, and financial savvy to assist you with all aspects of financing the business.

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Entity Formation

Starting a business requires making strategic decisions from the beginning. These early choices can shape the course of the enterprise for years to come.

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